Council Policies

Donations Policy

Horncastle Town Council budgets a small sum of money each year which it donates to local organisations

  1. When setting the budget each year the Council will decide how much it wishes to set aside to use for grants (taking into account the Section 137 limit per head of the electorate).
  2. All requests for a grant must be made in writing to the Town Clerk (see link to a form below).
  3. Grants will only be awarded to local organisations, or to national organisations which have a local presence in the town. These organisations must be registered charities and not ‘for profit’ organisations.
  4. Grants will not be awarded to individuals.
  5. Deadlines for applying for a grant will be 30 June and 31 December.
  6. Decisions on grants will be made by the Town Council, unless delegated to a committee for a decision.
  7. Applications for £500 or over will be subject to all funding from other organisations (if applicable) already being in place.
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