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New Cemetery Funding Survey

New Cemetery Funding Survey

The existing cemetery on Boston Road is nearly at capacity. There are only enough free grave spaces remaining to last approximately 2 years.

The Town Council has purchased the field adjacent to the Horncastle Community Woodland off Scrivelsby Road and has been granted planning permission to change the land into a new burial ground.

It is anticipated that the new cemetery will have enough grave spaces to serve the community for at least 200 years.

All the work that has been carried out to date, including the purchase of the field has been paid for by the Council’s Capital Reserve, but there are insufficient capital reserves to complete the work to create a new cemetery, which includes:

  • Creating a Woodland Driveway and internal parking area
  • Constructing a cemetery store and toilet building
  • Resurfacing the main entrance car park

This work will cost in the region of £110,000. The Town Council is proposing to seek a loan for this amount to be repaid over 50 years. The cost of the loan repayments has been included in the Town Council’s budget. Repaying the loan over 50 years will enable the cost of the new cemetery to be shared with future residents of the town. The alternatives are:

  1. Not having burial facilities in the town
  2. Raising funds by increasing the Council tax

We are consulting with residents about the Town Council borrowing money, so please could you complete the form below (if you would like to download and print off a form please click this link, and post the completed form at the HTC office) :

Do you support the Town Council borrowing money to complete the work to create a new cemetery in the town?

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