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Lincolnshire County Council Fairer Funding Campaign


We’re joining with other councils in Lincolnshire to campaign for a fairer funding deal for our area. If Councils here received the average funding for council areas in England, the region would benefit from ¬£116 million extra funding for services, every year.

This could help pay for new infrastructure and valued council services. For example, £116 million could pay for a bypass scheme, improvements to key roads, fibre broadband for all businesses and more, every year.

Councils in Lincolnshire have seen huge cuts to their Government funding and the cost of providing services is increasing. District and County Council leaders are meeting with local MPs and government ministers to set out the case strongly for a fair deal for Lincolnshire.

You can help Lincolnshire councils get more money for your local services, by contacting your MP and joining the campaign for fairer funding at 


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