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Speed Sign Data

The Town Council has two reactive speed recording devices, and seventeen locations in the town where these signs can be displayed, these are on the following roads: Stanhope Road (2), Boston Road (2), Spilsby Road (3), Lincoln Road (2), Langton Hill, Louth Road, Jubilee Way, Prospect Street, Accomodation  Road, Hemingby Lane, Mareham Road and Banovallum Gardens.

The signs are displayed in these locations on a regular basis, and are usually in position for approximately one to two weeks, depending on how long the battery lasts (the busier the road, the less time the battery lasts due to the sign being activated more often than in a quieter road).

There have been a few problems with the signs not recording data properly in the past, but these issues have now been resolved, and both signs are working correctly.

The table below shows a summary of the data collected by the signs.

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