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Estates Management

The Estates Management Committee has delegated responsibility from the Town Council to manage and maintain:

– Boston Road Cemetery
– the Cemetery Lodge
– the Cemetery Chapel
– the allotments off Churchill Avenue
– the Coronation Walk Play Area
– the Town Clock

– St Mary’s Churchyard
– grass cutting in front of the Congregational Chapel
– the Parish Paths (as part of the Parish Path Partnership Agreement)
– two open spaces in the town
– various seats/benches around the town
– two noticeboards

Chairman: Councillor David Roark
Vice Chairman: Councillor Maurice Lamb
Councillors: Brian Burbidge, John Lechler and Craig Moore

Press and public are welcome to attend meetings, apart from when confidential items are being discussed. A maximum of 10 minutes is set aside prior to the start of each meeting for comments and questions from the public.

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