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New Burial Land

New Burial Land

Anyone visiting the cemetery on Boston Road recently may have noticed that there are not many vacant grave spaces remaining, and for this reason the Town Council has been working hard to create a new cemetery for the town.

Town and Parish Councils do not have a legal obligation to provide burial land for residents, so the Town Council could simply close the current cemetery when it is full which would mean that Horncastle residents would have to be buried outside the parish. However, Horncastle Town Council understands the importance of having a cemetery within the town, and has been working hard to ensure that when the current cemetery is full, town residents can continue to lay their loved ones to rest within Horncastle.  

In August 2018 the Town Council purchased the field to the rear of the Community Woodland off Scrivelsby Road, and work has started on developing the field into a new cemetery. Planning permission for change of use to a burial land has been granted, trees have been removed to create access to the land, a fence has been erected around the Northern and Eastern boundaries and a new hedge planted, the land has been flailed and the ditches have been cleared.

The Council has selected a Contractor to work with to carry out the following work:

  • To create a Woodland Driveway and internal parking area
  • To construct a Cemetery store and toilet building
  • To resurface the main entrance car park

This work will cost in excess of £100,000.00. The Town Council consulted with the community on applying for borrowing approval to get a loan to pay for the work; and the result of the vote was overwhelmingly in support of the Council submitting an application to the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (90% in support). 

In June the Town Council agreed to apply to the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) for approval to borrow £110,000. Approval was granted at the end of July and the Council has taken out a loan with the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) which it will pay back over 50 years.

In total it is anticipated that the new cemetery will cost £177,370.11, which includes the cost of the land and the work which has already been completed which has been paid for from the Town Council’s Capital Reserve. 

It is anticipated that the new cemetery will have enough grave spaces to serve the community for at least 200 years, so repaying the loan over 50 years will enable the cost to be shared with future residents of the town; and when the loan is repaid there will still be plenty of space remaining in the cemetery.

The Town Council is planning to offer a green burial section in the new cemetery so that trees can be planted in the place of headstones, and there will also be a pond to attract wildlife.

The appointed contractor Maplethorpe & Mooney started work during mid-September to reinforce the roadway through the Community Woodland. They will be on-site until mid-February as they also have to construct a storage building & toilet, create a car parking area in the new cemetery, finish off the access roadway and tarmac the existing Community Woodland car park.

Whilst the work is underway visitors may find that they have restricted access to the community woodland for safety reasons, but this will only be during times when work is being done to the car park and roadway, so we apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause, but ask that all visitors please take note of signs and do not enter any restricted areas.

Following the construction work the site will be landscaped, new trees planted, fencing erected and signage installed. It is hoped that the new cemetery will be ready for use by Summer 2020.

Above is a photo of the burial land as it currently looks

Below are the approved plans of the new cemetery.

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