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Plans for a recreation area in Horncastle are underway

Plans for a recreation area in Horncastle are underway

Horncastle Town Council is currently in the process of delivering an ambitious new project to redevelop the recreation space off of Prospect Street.  We are doing this in partnership with Freestyle Places, a company which specialises in developing parks and open spaces to bring the community together through promotion of an active lifestyle. 

This is a major project, which will address the growing need for a central recreation area in our expanding town.  It will be designed to cater for all age groups in the same space, will encourage exercise and activity through a number of open-air facilities including outdoor exercise equipment, an expanded range of play areas, facilities for wheeled activities, and a social meeting hub. 

The facility will be free to use for all, and we hope it will bring many benefits including to:

  • increase the health and fitness of residents
  • improve social cohesion
  • grow inter-generational harmony
  • discourage disruptive behaviour in Horncastle
  • and provide a pleasant landscaped environment for everyone to visit.

This project is extremely ambitious and to enable us to achieve our goal of an amenity which will stand the test of time, we need to raise funds to deliver it.  The proposed total cost is £250,000. 

Project Objectives

This project will provide outdoor activities, and encourage younger members of the community to participate in these activities.  It is an opportunity for you to invest in future generations of the town and their wellbeing.

Our aim is to provide a top-quality free-to-use sports facility for the people of the town and the surrounding area: providing a skatepark area to embrace all wheeled sports; a social hub where people can meet and just hang out; an area for younger residents to engage in natural play; and incorporating an outdoor gym to appeal to people of all ages and abilities.

This project will help to fulfil the needs of Horncastle children, young people and adults by providing a product to meet modern lifestyle constraints, and help address the issue of rural isolation.

Our core objectives are to:

  • build an aesthetically pleasing recreation area that fits in harmoniously with its surroundings.
  • make it suitable for all ages and abilities, and attract families to the facility and town
  • create a facility that allows users room to improve their skills and fitness.
  • encourage physical outdoor activities for all people, with an emphasis on the young.
  • create a free-to-use sports facility for all residents of Horncastle.
  • help combat anti-social behaviour in the community


It will likely incorporate a social area for meeting and ‘hanging out’; a skate/ride/scoot area; an area for free running or parkour; an area of natural play for younger children, including bouldering and climbing; and outdoor gym equipment.  The area will be landscaped and will retain the current mature trees.  It will be designed to minimise noise impact on the residents who live on Prospect St.

More details will be posted in the near future.

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