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Town Councillors

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Councillor Brian Burbidge

Brian is married with two children and is a grandfather to four boys and one girl. He is qualified as an electromechanical engineer and later studied ceramics and set up his own company, this allowed him travel the world problem solving for companies in the heavy clay industry. He has been  involved in local activities since 2005, becoming part of Horncastle Theatre Company, Horncastle Now and subsequently Horncastle Festivals. His involvement with local groups led him to believe there was an opportunity to join with local people in promoting the town. His aim is to do whatever he can to retain Horncastle as a desirable place in which to live, work and visit.

Al has lived in Horncastle for the past 12 years and enjoys the warmth and friendship of the Town’s residents. He brings to the Council the experience of working in Compliance and Governance in both the NHS and other public sectors. He looks forward to working with his fellow Councillors in making the history of the town safe for future generations, and opening the town to visitors. Al is committed to ensuring that developers honour their obligations to the town, and that our County and District Councils deliver the services they provide expeditiously and fairly. 

Councillor Fiona Martin - Chairman & Mayor

Fiona has lived in Horncastle for over 45 years. Her four grown up children attended Horncastle Schools and most of her family still live locally. Two of her grandsons currently attend Horncastle Community Primary School.

Fiona has been involved and worked with, many local organisations and been a governor of three of our local schools in the past. She is currently a Trustee of Horncastle Community Centre and the Stanhope Hall. Fiona chaired the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1 working group that organised the commemorative weekend last year.  She is extremely proud to be President of the hardworking Otters Swimming Club and is also the Treasurer of the Horncastle & District Royal British Legion.

Fiona will continue to work to ensure that more assets and services are managed locally

Councillor Dominic Hinkins

Dominic is proud to be ‘born and bred’ in Horncastle, and returned to live here permanently in 2015 after a short period working from London.  Professionally, he is a freelance writer, with many years’ wide-ranging experience working in the fields of finance, healthcare, international NGOs, linguistics and human resources.   Dominic is passionate about his town and community, and is involved in several other local groups including Horncastle Theatre Company, Horncastle Choral Society, and Up Stagers.  Politically, he is aware of the fine balance between preserving Horncastle’s distinctive character and heritage for future generations, and moving with the times, and hopes to use his voice on the council to promote a considered and sensitive approach to getting this right.  Dominic is also a member of the Labour Party.

Councillor Bill Aron

Bill has lived and worked in the Town for many years and fought hard to retain local services and facilities. He has over 20 years’ experience on the Town Council as well as representing Horncastle at Lincolnshire County Council on a number of occasions. He has also previously served on East Lindsey District Council. 

On a number of occasions he has stood up to protect Horncastle’s heritage, he led the Team who saved the Horncastle War Memorial Centre from re-development and helped transform it into a successful community hub as well as ensuring it remained the Town’s Living War Memorial. He also went on to help save Stanhope Hall from demolition and then, with others, turn that into a thriving community centre.

Bill has worked tirelessly, over many years, with others to ensure the Flood Alleviation Scheme was built to protect Horncastle. It is now officially operational and is already proving its worth. Another major issue was to help protect the Wong, again a heritage site that was in danger of becoming yet another residential development site. He is pleased to say that it has finally been offered back to Horncastle Town Council.

Councillor Richard Barker

Richard was born in Birmingham and educated at Warwick School. He qualified as a Chartered Architect and developed his own Practice, until he sold to Tarmac Professional Services in the mid-nineties. He retired to Lincolnshire in 2000.

Richard has lived in Horncastle for over 17 years, been a business owner in the Town, a Non-Executive Director of the Lincolnshire Probation Trust and the ACIS Housing Group and past Chair of ELDC’s Standards Committee.

Working with his fellow Councillors, Richard will use his best endeavours and professional acumen to deliver on his election pledges and ensure the Promotion of the Businesses and the opportunities that the Town has to offer are developed to make Horncastle a Town to be proud of, for all age groups.

Forward thinking and a commitment to make changes for the Town’s benefit is in our grasp. Richard will be championing these aims.

Councillor Angela Birchall - Vice Chairman

Angela was elected onto Horncastle Town Council in 2011, shortly after retiring from a career in Education. She is committed to supporting the local community and volunteers for several organisations – SSAFA (working with ex-military personnel), Age UK, Horncastle Community Centre and is a School Governor. One of her first suggestions on joining Horncastle Town Council was that the Council should hold Council Surgeries so that councillors are regularly available to talk, informally, to any members of the public who would like to speak to them on any issues. The dates for the surgeries are advertised in the Horncastle News and on our website. Since joining the Town Council she has served on many committees and working groups and has previously been the Town Mayor. Her children all went to school in Horncastle, as do two of her grandchildren, so she is keen to ensure that Horncastle continues to develop as a vibrant community and a great place to live.

Councillor James Martin

James has lived in Horncastle all his life and was educated in the town. He works for a National Veterinary Chain, overseeing Pharmaceutical storage and compliance and distribution.  He is married with 3 young children, 2 of whom currently attend Horncastle Primary. James has served on Horncastle Town council since 2015. In that time he has served on Estate and Personal and Finance committees and has been part of the working group overseeing  Asset Transfers to the Town Council from ELDC. 

Raising a young family in Horncastle James feels that he has a good insight into the problems facing Horncastle, and he will work with others to find solutions to these problems, while promoting everything that is great about our town.

Councillor Matt Wilkinson

Matt grew up in Horncastle and after some time away moved back in 2003. He is married with 2 children attending Horncastle Schools and works as a Development Manager covering all aspects of retail construction and development in convenience retailing. Hobbies and interests include cycling, walking and football (watching not playing). He joined the Council in 2011 and is passionate about improving Horncastle for future generations.

Councillor Craig Moore

Craig has lived in Horncastle most of his life including attending local schools. He works for his family’s local agricultural business and wants to give something back to the town. Craig understands that residents of Horncastle face some challenges but he will work with other Councillors to achieve a positive future for our community.


ELDC – CCTV PARTNERSHIP: Bill Aron and Richard Barker

GEORGE WHELPTON’S ALMHOUSES TRUST: Maurice Lamb and David Roark (4 year term – ends April 2022)

HURSTCROFT & SNODEN CHARITIES: Angela Birchall (4 year term – ends April 2023)
MANOR HOUSE STREET SCHOOL TRUST: Matthew Wilkinson (4 year term – ends April 2022)
STANHOPE HALL COMPANY (observers): Al Lockwood and Richard Barker


COMMUNITY EMERGENCY PLAN VOLUNTEERS: Councillors Bill Aron, Angela Birchall, Brian Burbidge and Fiona Martin
FLOOD ALLEVIATION PROJECT BOARD: Councillor Fiona Martin is the council’s representative


Councillors’ Interests

Disclosable pecuniary interests

In accordance with the Localism Act 2011 all councillors have to declare their disclosable pecuniary interests and those of their wife/husband/civil partner.

Councillors with a pecuniary interest in relation to any item being discussed at a meeting may remain in the room but must not speak or vote on it.

Dispensations for certain disclosable pecuniary interests

Where most or all of the members on the Council has a pecuniary interest in the business due to be discussed they can apply for a dispensation (eg deciding on the Council’s response to a proposed development that affected the whole, or a large proportion of the parish).

A member must request for a dispensation in writing using the appropriate form and this must be with the Proper Officer by the start of the meeting to which it relates

Copies of declaration forms for Town Councillors are available on request from the Town Clerk

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