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Town Council meeting minutes – 14th January 2020
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Planning and Development Committee Meeting 17th February 2020
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Community Clear Up 26th March 2020
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Memorial Safety Checks at Boston Rd Cemetery to start Winter/Spring 2020
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Climate Emergency
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The Town Council office is situated in The Stanhope Hall  on Boston Road

Office opening hours are:
Tuesdays – 9am until 1pm
Wednesdays – 9am until 1pm
Thursdays – 9am until 1pm

Appointments outside these hours can be arranged by contacting the Town Clerk on 01507 522957 or e-mail





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Local Information

Your Council

Horncastle Town Council came into being in 1974 following the Local Government Act 1972.

Although called a ‘Town Council’ its responsibilities and powers are the same as any Parish Council. It has certain duties that it must undertake by law and can carry out a variety of activities within its boundary.

The Town Council is made up 12 Councillors and Council meetings take place on the second Tuesday of every month, except in August.  All of the Councillors are volunteers and give their time freely for the benefit of the town.

All council and committee meetings are open to the public and there is a public participation session at each meeting when members of the public can raise any concerns or comments they have on matter relating to the town.

The Chairman of the Council is also the Town Mayor. An election to nominate a councillor to hold this post is held at the Annual Meeting in May each year.

The Clerk and Deputy Clerk carry out the day-to-day management of the Council and implement its decisions, ensuring at all times that the Council complies with all its legal requirements.

The Estates Supervisor and Estates Assistant maintain all of the Town Councils assets, and have responsibility for grass cutting and weed spraying.

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